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 General Information

Remnants of the early colony and its Portuguese history can still be seen today in its historical buildings and ruins scattered throughout the 13 districts. Predominantly strictly Roman Catholic, visitors to Timor will be in awe of the many beautiful churches and religious statues.

The past 40 years has seen an independence revolution, a subsequent invasion from Indonesia and an unsettled country until the late 1990’s, when the UN assisted a referendum favouring independence from Indonesia, which was granted in 2002. Since then the country has been rebuilding from years of conflict and in wanting to separate from it’s past, has taken on a new name to represent a new era – Timor Leste (Portuguese for East Timor).

Despite their tortuous history under Indonesian rule, the modern day Timorese people are friendly, compassionate and embracing, living a simple lifestyle with minimal modern conveniences, with some areas yet to receive electricity and running water. Apart from tourism operators, Government officials, aid workers and a small expat community, the majority of Timorese are farmers producing fruit, vegetables, coffee, coconut and sandalwood. Its capital Dili and surrounds is on the move and is continuously developing into a modern city with accommodation, convienence stores, restaurants, pubs and night clubs – it’s the beginning of Timor Leste’s new future. With rich reserves in oil, the country is destined to become significant leader in the Australasia area.

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